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Eat My Globe

Oct 14, 2019

Our host, Simon Majumdar, may not be able to drink the stuff, but he knows that he is in a minority and that it is one of the most popular beverages in the world. It also has a history as dark, rich and sometimes as bitter as the liquid the ground coffee beans make when mixed with hot water. In this episode, Simon will...

Oct 7, 2019

In this episode of Eat My Globe, our host, Simon Majumdar, shares “5 things you didn’t know you didn’t know” about one of the world’s most popular foods -- pasta -- including its origins, the “myth of Marco Polo,” how it reached America, and who consumes the most (you may be surprised).

So make sure to...

Sep 23, 2019

Simon Majumdar is back.

Get ready to delve into a whole new season of Eat My Globe!

Season 3 is packed with loads of new stories, historical food facts and some very well known guests.

It all starts October 7th, 2019!


May 27, 2019

Very few individuals can claim to have had as much impact on the way we eat today (in the West, at least) as George Auguste Escoffier. During his life he redefined the way kitchens worked and the style in which food was presented to diners. He also created thousands of dishes and wrote books that are still...

May 20, 2019

The world of food is filled with many examples that show how cultures can combine to created new dishes, and indeed whole new cuisines.

A recent trip to Vietnam proved to confirm that while this splendid country has retained a passion for its own traditional cuisine, the influence of French imperialists has also had...