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Eat My Globe

Oct 29, 2018

It is hard to think of another ingredient that falls so firmly into the “you either love it or you hate it” category than SPAM®. It’s an ingredient that owes its existence in part to the French revolution, and its incredible success to the Second World War. 


In this episode, our host, Simon Majumdar, follows...

Oct 22, 2018

Sushi has grown from being a subsection of Japanese cuisine to being perhaps Japan’s most famous global export. It is now a huge business and is sold in outlets ranging from fine dining establishments to convenience stores. Quite a story for a dish that was originally created to preserve fish before refrigeration.

Oct 15, 2018

Simon Majumdar has often described his life as a “shallow search for the perfect Martini.” And he is not alone as Gin has become fashionable again and is now one of the most drunk spirits in the world. 

But, the fascinating history of Gin has seen it travel from medieval Italy, through the Low Countries of the...

Oct 8, 2018

Over 300 million sandwiches are eaten every day in the United States alone. Add that to those consumed around the rest of the world and it’s hard to deny that the sandwich is THE portable snack of choice. 

In this episode, our host, Simon Majumdar, will look at the origins of the sandwich, how its name was derived,...

Oct 1, 2018

In this episode, Simon Majumdar, examines the history of his favorite dish of all time, Fish & Chips.

It will take him on a journey to the times of the Ancient Greeks, the Romans, the Aztecs, Medieval Europe, the Seven Years War and Dickensian London. He will also bring in some of history’s most well known (Louis XIV,...